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Practical & Pretty Organization

I have a pet peeve - clutter that I can see and not hide in a storage closet. It drives me crazy. Rather than try to stuff too many storage boxes into one closet, I like to utilize wall space as a way to store items as well as a way to make what would have been just a plain white wall look nice. Each of the shelving units below are very reasonably priced from either Target or Ikea. Here are a few tips on how to create stylish organization in your own home!

1) Laundry Room

I spend a significant portion of my day in the laundry room (I'm sure many of you can identify). I was tired of feeling like I was in a windowless, white cube, surrounded by unattractive wire shelves stacked high with plastic bins, so I decided to spice it up. I replaced the wire shelving with a $30 bookcase from Target. To add to the bookcases's "curb appeal", I mixed decor items among the storage baskets and boxes. It is a neat way to be organized, utilize closet space, and create a unique storage system that is practical and stylish.

2) Office

In the office, a white Ikea bookcase lines one wall. I didn't want to fill each cubby with files and books which would inevitably over time get messy and look like cluttered chaos. So I chose turquoise and gold polka-dot storage boxes ($6 each from HomeGoods!) which tie in with the desk that is covered with a turquoise and gold geometric design. To avoid "gold-overload," three raffia baskets were interspersed in the cubbies. Instead of buying an unattractive grey filing cabinet, a two-pocket file hanger is mounted on the wall. The hangar is a great way to store files in a way that looks attractive and is also practical. If you prefer one that has more "pockets" Target sells a line that contains five pockets and is made of white wood.

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