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Kristen Fredericks Design offers an initial complimentary consultation, either virtual or in-person. We will discuss what you do and do not like about your home, your vision and wants and needs. After our initial meeting I will provide you with a design plan proposal and an estimated project cost that we will adjust accordingly depending on your budget. I will utilize your existing furniture and decor, shop for you or with you if you would like to supplement your space with new items and lastly rearrange/style/accessorize your space.


I will work with you to turn your home into a unique, happy and comfortable space that you and your family love, accentuates your personal style, utilizes your existing furniture and decor, satisfies the needs of your family, and most importantly is mindful of your budget! 

In-Home Consultation

We will discuss what you do and do not like about your house, your vision and wants and needs. I will provide an estimated project cost which we will adjust depending on your budget. We will utilize what you already own to update your space whether it be changing your furniture placement, wall styling, accessories styling, adding wall color, and much more. If you would like to supplement your space with new items, I will help you make a preference list, shop for you or with you, all within your budget!

Remote Design Services

While we would all love to have an interior designer right next to us, it is not always possible. Through multiple virtual design consultations, I can make your vision a reality without stepping foot in your home. We will do a virtual walk-through of your home where we will discuss your vision, what you would like to update, wants and needs. I will provide you with an estimated project cost which will be adjusted according to your budget and then we will get to work wether it be changing furniture placement, choosing a color scheme, placement of decor and much more.

Product Selection & Personal Shopping

We will discuss what you feel your home is lacking, whether it be a new rug, curtains, accessories or furniture. I will make suggestions on potential purchases to spruce up your space that will accentuate what you already own while sticking to your budget. We will then shop together, in-store or online. Alternatively, I will shop for you, select potential items and place them in your home. You will decide what you would like to keep or have me return. This service is offered virtually as well.

Pre-Move Prep & Moving Day Consultation

Prior to your move to the Lemoore/Hanford area, we will have a virtual consultation where we will discuss your vision, and wants and needs of you and your family. We will make a preference list ranking what is most important for you to have in a home. I will provide multiple furniture layouts depending on the floorpan of your home (if you are moving to NAS Lemoore base housing and have not been assigned a home yet I will identify the units you qualify for and we will evaluate each floor plan). look at all of them so when you are assigned a house you already have a plan. We will discuss furniture layouts, color schemes, design ideas and much more. I will assist you on your moving day or shortly after and get started on making your house a home!

Furniture Rehabilitation

An old, beat-up piece of furniture can be an immediate turn-off, but if you keep an open mind the options are endless and inexpensive! The best part about it, besides it being economical, is that you get to customize the piece, creating something that is one-of-a-kind. If you find a piece of furniture that you think has potential, I will take a look at it, listen to your ideas and suggest refinishing options. Depending on the size of the project, I will refinish the piece myself.

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