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Making Your Memories Into Artwork: Float Frames

Most of us want to fill up empty wall space in our homes. I recently discovered a really unique and inexpensive way to fill up my wall space, but not with a mass manufactured piece of artwork, instead I turned my memories into artwork. Don't get me wrong, I love a good piece of art from Target or Home Goods and have many hanging in our home, but when I started going through my storage boxes, I found so many things I had saved and forgotten about because I didn't know where to put them. I am extremely sentimental, I have kept items like the napkins from the restaurants my husband and I went to on our honeymoon, small paintings from street artists we have encountered in our travels, coasters from various restaurants, maps, the list goes on and on. I also had all of my printed materials from my wedding that I had spent weeks working on, just sitting in a box. I was at Michael's one day and saw a line of very inexpensive float frames ($10 and under). The frames had three options for borders: black, brown or white. A lightbulb went off in my head, what an awesome way to display some of our memories rather than keep them in a box and on top of it, create unique and personal pieces of art for our home!

I put two of the napkins from our honeymoon in one frame as well as the menu from our wedding into another and hung them on my kitchen wall beneath my cabinets. I also framed two prints my husband and I got on our honeymoon, that now hang on the statement wall in our laundry room. Rather than pay a lot of money to have something framed with a mat border, the color of the wall that the frame is hung on acts like the mat since the glass panel is see-through. I love being able to see such fond memories on our walls every day!

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