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Easy How-to-Guide: Adding Florals to Shutters

I absolutely love how my most recent floral DIY project turned out! The client I made these for had a fabulous collection of old shutters that she had collected over the years, she happened to find these on the side of the road of all places. I wanted to create some type of symmetrical frame flanking the antique window pane, making it the center of the large statement wall in her dining room. The shutters were the perfect compliment to the pane, I love how their neutral color looks against the grey stripes. But the wall needed some color, so I decided to try hanging a floral arrangement on them to add color and dimension to the wall . It was so easy to do, assembling it took about 10 minutes, and the materials cost me less than $30! Here is my easy how to guide to replicate!

I chose a $12 19" rust steel floral container with twisted vine from Hobby Lobby to be the container for the florals. I then selected some long floral stems from Michael's, choosing muted colors to match the dining room rug and added some small faux boxwood-like greens around the base of the long stems. I played around with the positioning of the stems, if they are too long, simply cut off part of the bottom of the stem, or if it is metal wire, you can bend it easily. I attached a burlap bow, clipped the arrangement to the front of the shutter with a small metal hangar, and Voila! It is such a neat way to spice up your walls and you can customize it however you want depending on the type of florals you like and the colors of your room!

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